Is this scary?

How much does this cost?
The cost is $27.00 (includes tax) per person and you can purchase tickets HERE.

Do you guys have a Groupon?
We do not have any Groupon’s.

How long does this take?
Please allow for 1 hour and 20 minutes to explain the rules at the beginning, play the game, and answer questions after.

What are your hours?
Mon-Thurs = 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Fri = 4:00pm – 11:00pm
Sat/Sun = 10:30am – 11:00pm

How does the ticketing work?
Tickets are purchased online via the BOOKING tab on our website or in person at either of our locations during normal business hours. Online bookings are made securely through Stripe and require Credit or Debit Card information at the time of purchase.

Is there a maximum capacity for each room?
Yes, each game has a maximum number of tickets that can be purchased for each session.
(Mad Scientist =  8, Prison Break = 6, Tomb Explorer = 8, Subway Escape = 8, Carnegie’s Millions = 10).
ADDITIONAL NOTE – If your group does not purchase all of the tickets for any session, the remaining tickets are still available to be purchased from anyone outside of your group. This means you may be paired with additional players.

I want to change the time of my booking.
When you checkout there is a special link in the email that allows you to change the time of the booking to another available session. All changes must be done 2 days before the actual booking.

I want to play with my friends only. What should I do?
You must purchase all tickets for that room. If there is less than maximum capacity available at the time of purchase, then another small group has already purchased tickets for that slot.

Can I host a corporate event here for team building outside of the regular schedule?
Absolutely! We keep the mornings and afternoons off the normal schedule for private events like this. Please call or email escaperoompgh@gmail.com to schedule your event.

Does Escape Room Pittsburgh host field trips?
Yes, we do! Click here for more information.

Are tickets refundable?
No. Tickets are non-refundable upon purchase.

May I purchase a ticket for someone else?
Yes, if multiple tickets are purchased – all tickets will be under the purchasers name.

How far out can I purchase a ticket?
Sessions are available for bookings 9 months in advance. If you are interested in a date farther than 9 months out, please call us for assistance.

Can I purchase all of the tickets for my group at once?
Yes. Select the maximum amount of tickets available for the room. The session will then be under one person’s name.

Do you have a waiting list for no-shows or cancellations if the time/day I would like is unavailable?
No. Please call if you have specific inquiries.

What if I am late to my session?
You may be refused entry if you do not arrive 15 minutes before your schedule time. The timer will always start at your scheduled time, it is up to your team to choose to move forward if a member or 2 is late.

Can we play the same room more than once?
No. If you fail a room you will be shown how to escape and will no longer be able to play that room again. For all guests, we ask that the puzzles remain a mystery to all new teams so please do not spoil the fun and share the answers with anyone. If you succeed, try your skills in the other room.

Is there an age limit?
Yes, the suggested age to play the game is 15 years old or more. If you are under the age of 15, we REQUIRE that you are accompanied by an adult and that you book the ENTIRE room. If you have questions regarding this policy and want to discuss any accommodations, please give us a call at (412)742-4645 or send us an email at escaperoompgh@gmail.com.

Is it possible to purchase Escape Room Gift Cards?
Yes, you can purchase Gift certificate tickets HERE. If you are buying gift certificates for multiple individuals please purchase one for each person so each receiver will get a unique redemption code.

I want to bring one more friend to the game but there is no ticket available. Do you sell tickets at the door or can we just fit an extra person in our group?
We have set the capacities for each room for the players’ benefit in order to achieve the best experience for everyone. Please give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions.

Is there a minimum number of players required?
No, each game can be played by a single person but a group is HIGHLY suggested. More teammates will make the overall experience better and lead to a higher chance of escape. \

We have a larger group than the capacity for each game. How can you accommodate us?
Within your large group you must divide into groups. Then, you must purchase the appropriate amount of slotted times to book back-to-back sessions. This way, you can compete amongst each other for ultimate bragging rights. Feel free to contact us with assistance regarding large groups.

I am purchasing fewer tickets than maximum available for that room. Does that mean the remaining slots are filled by other guests?
You may be placed into a group with other guests if your team does not fill the maximum.

Is this handicap accessible?
Yes, both of our buildings are ADA accessible with a handicapped ramp. The rooms do not require climbing or physical strength to complete.

Are there any stage effects used?
Yes, smoke and strobe effects may be used in the rooms.
(Dr. Steins Lab = Smoke, Prison Escape = Strobe, Tomb Explorer = Laser & Smoke, Subway Escape = Laser, Carnegie’s Millions – none.)

Do you offer any discounts?
We offer a Military, Police, Firefighter, & EMS discount. Please call or email and ask us how to redeem. Must be redeemed BEFORE purchase.

Are you affiliated with any other Escape Rooms in additional cities?
No, we are not. We proudly build and design each room from scratch. We are 2 local Pittsburgher’s who love what we do.

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