Fun Field Trips in Pittsburgh

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Courses
At Escape Room Pittsburgh, teams have to work together to make it out of the room in 60 minutes or less while also encountering a number of puzzles, riddles, gadgets, and mind tricks. What’s the best way of approaching this goal? There’s only one way to find out!

Group Communication Courses
Communication is key! As students work through the room, they may find clues that will help their fellow team members. Making sure to communicate findings, a need for help, or potential solutions is imperative to a team’s escape. Working through escape rooms really puts communication skills taught in class to the test!

Computer Programming Courses
Our escape rooms are uniquely built by the owners. That being said, we incorporate a level of programming in our Generation 2 rooms to create a more immersive experience. Generation 2 escape rooms differ from Generation 1 escape rooms due to the technology that is implemented.

Construction/Woodworking Courses
We physically create various aspects of our escape rooms – including some of the puzzles you have to solve! Choose an escape room for your students to see some of the work we have done in our rooms.

Other Courses
We have a variety of rooms that may incorporate some topics covered in your class. At Escape Room Pittsburgh, we like to incorporate a lot of detail into the themes and decor of our rooms. Combining classroom studies with a fun, unique activity is a great addition to any curriculum!

Our rooms include:
– Carnegie’s Millions
– Tomb Explorer
– Subway Escape

For more information or to book an event, call us at (412)742-4645 or email us at [email protected].

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