“Escape Games” are believed to have started in the text of John Wilson’s 1988 book Behind Closed Doors, but the game was initially popularized in Japan as a video game. Since it’s inception, escape games have been transformed and re-imagined into real-life game simulations across the world.

The inspiration behind Escape Room Pgh came from a family visit to Budapest where co-founder Joe Deasy and his ambitious, adventure-seeking cousins decided to test their skills in a tourist attraction unlike anything else. There they visited a Hungarian Escape Room and were instantly hooked, returning later that day to take on a second escape. Excited by this unique and interactive team building activity, Joe returned to his hometown ready to create his own iterations.

Escape Room Pgh officially opened it’s doors in 2015 with two escape rooms in Greenfield (The Prison Escape & Dr. Stein’s Laboratory). Since then, Joe  and his team have expanded to a second location in Homestead with three new escape games (The Tomb Explorer, Carnegie’s Millions, & Subway Escape) and replaced the original 1st-Gen escapes in Greenfield with the Diamond Heist and Houdini’s Last Escape games. These unique experiences will test teams on their cleverness, ability to observe their surroundings, and problem solving skills all while deciphering clues, utilizing gadgets and tools, and ultimately cracking the code and escaping you room!

This project could not have been completed without the generous help of our team members – Andy Ondich, Aaron Bollinger, Colby Hershberger, Jon Ward, Joe Sugar, Kevin Deasy, Joe Deasy, & Jim Deasy

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