Houdini's Last Escape

Bess Houdini attempted to contact Harry's spirit for 10 years after his death. Almost a century later, he may finally be ready to speak again...

Tomb Explorer

As you enter the Tomb of Osiris, the stone door slams shut trapping your team inside. Can your team find the Idols of Power and escape before it's too late?

Subway Escape

Accused of a crime you didnt commit, your gang has only an hour to broadcast the evidence and exonerate your name. Otherwise, it's gangland justice for The Rockers.

Diamond Heist

You've assembled the crew and mapped out your plans. Now it's time to pull off the biggest jewelry heist Pittsburgh has ever seen.

Carnegie's Million$

Andrew Carnegie hid more than just wealth and riches in his Pittsburgh estate. Now the Illuminati want it back.
What is Escape Room Pittsburgh?

Escape Room Pittsburgh is the city’s first interactive, immersive puzzle game. Filled with riddles, gadgets, and mind tricks, the mysteries behind the Escape Room doors will challenge you and your teammates to 60 minutes of isolation where only problem solving, creativity, and resourcefulness will set you free. Learn More


Our mission is to create educational experiences that foster creativity, team building, and human ingenuity. The entire theme, display and experience at Escape Room will be designed for a unique educational experience -- delivered in an entertaining format.
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