Scavenger Hunt

The 2017 scavenger hunt was a huge success! Over 450 Teams signed up online and over 1500 people participated. We look forward to hosting another in the future. Below is a picture of the winning team and the clues/answers from the hunt.

On July 30th, 2017 400+ Teams raced around Pittsburgh following clues and solving puzzles to several locations eventually leading them to the final location with $500 buried cash. The puzzle for Location 1 was released via social media weeks before the hunt. Location 2 was released on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live. We custom made this FREE scavenger hunt to involve iconic locations and Pittsburgh themed puzzles for all to enjoy!

Escape Room Pittsburgh 2017 Scavenger Hunt

Escape Room Pittsburgh 2017 Scavenger Hunt 2017 Location Clues/Answers

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