The Paradox Agency

The First Traveling Escape Game from Escape Room Pgh!

Your team has joined the ranks of the Paradox Agency, a secret organization tasked with maintaining Earth’s original timeline and stopping any nefarious travelers from damaging the past, present, and future of the planet.

As your graduation from the Academy comes to a close, your first assignment is handed down; Another graduate known as Agent Q has absconded with a Time Travel Pod. Your team is tasked with tracking down where when he traveled and to restore any damage already done to the timeline!

The Paradox Agency is our first escape game built to come to you! This mobile experience can be assembled in any indoor venue making it the perfect addition to your office party, school function, or any event that requires a touch of mystery. The Paradox Agency is a multi-room escape game that features the same high-tech sensors and electronics we use in our permanent attractions in Homestead and Greenfield as well as custom made props and puzzles for a truly unique experience.

Interested in adding The Paradox Agency to your next group event? Book today by emailing us at [email protected] and check below for the FAQ!

How many people can play at a time?
The Paradox Agency is recommended for a maximum of 8 players at a time.

How long is the game?
The game lasts for 30 minutes and requires roughly 10 minutes reset. For events with multiple groups, we recommend allotting 45mins per group.

What is required for setup?
The location for set up must be sheltered from weather conditions and a minimum space of roughly 20ft x 20ft. We will also require access to at least 1 power outlet near the set-up location. The game can take up to 1 hour to set-up, so early access to the location is generally required.

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